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Join the Bettr Tribe on Slack!

We have a Slack group that houses private channels for each of our courses, for candid discussion, questions and to foster a community of those who are learning the same things at the same time. We also have general channels for all badass side hustle / business launchers to mingle, and discuss plans for business domination.

The Slack group is also where we'll be:

  1. Hosting live Q&As for all things related to Bettr courses and side hustles.
  2. Sharing exclusive videos and content that won't be published elsewhere.
  3. Access to a community of motivated, whip smart people, like yourself!
  4. Instantly being entered for giveaways that we hold.

And so much more!

GUESS WHAT! Since we're still in the early launch phase, when you purchase a course, you'll be given a free lifetime membership to our Slack group [Normally $10/month) and AUTOMAGICALLY added. If you haven't purchased a course and want access to the Slack group, the link to the Slack group will be added below shortly after launch!